The wireless fire system is market leading nowadays, in both its depth of the product range and the technology of its components.

The wireless alarm system is more robust and high tech fire detection for the distillery and warehousing & much more in hazardous zones, but the extremely thick concrete floors in the main building combined with no access for cabling from one part to another posed a real problem. Ironically the construction that was designed to minimize fire risk made subsequent installation of a wired fire detection system extremely difficult. REASONING FOR WIRELESS USE wireless system was therefore the ideal choice. Not only did it circumvent the construction issues, the incredibly quiet and dust-free installation process minimized disturbance to the distillery’s customers, and the building’s fittings and fixtures, meaning no redecoration and no need to close to trade for even a day.

Adding to this it is the perfect solution in

1. hazardous atmosphere “Oil & gas , petrochemical .. ,etc”,

2. INDOOR “inside building “ historical , sensitive    expensive works

3. OUTDOOR “in the site” ,

4. in porta cabins without wiring ,

5. Old building ,

6. Confined areas where it is almost impossible to install wiring.

7. Many different situations where you want to find quick solution and save money.

The system pushes wireless fire detection and alarm systems to new levels of reliability and flexibility.

The system utilizes the latest wireless technologies to provide rapid, yet economic wireless fire system installations with the minimum of disturbance to the surroundings. With the wireless alarm system you can save money and time in installation process and accomplish the best safety requirement in hazardous zones.

Commercial Ceiling Sprinkler Connections deliver the same rapid installation, simple relocation, and feasible retro-fitting, only now available to the general construction industry.

This Commercial connection is FM approved and UL Listed and working pressure 200-300 psi. With any contractor-installed sprinkler head of choice, this pressure/leak tested, fully guaranteed system is available with 2′, 3′, 4′hose lengths, making it perfect for any commercial application.

It remains singularly dedicated to manufacturing and distributing leading edge automatic flexible sprinkler connections allowing end-users, architects & engineers and contractors the ability to:

  • Reduce construction schedules to allow for rapid building occupancy.
  • Reconfigure sprinkler locations to code to accommodate changes in floor plan – without draining or disassembling hard pipe.
  • Retrofit within confined spaces in existing buildings quickly and easily with code compliant automatic sprinklers, while creating minimal impact to business operations.

Pursuing the best safety matters :

The ultra-high pressure system piston pump and nozzles work together to make a more effective fire-extinguishing system.

There are always weakness points with the conventional fire fighting systems but with new robotic fire fighter many of those points has been solved such as reaching confined areas , zone hazardness , incapability of fire men to reach to the area due to excess temperature ,etc.

We have another variety of products in related to fire and safety