we offer the best solutions that optimize Single Space Detector System, which is the solution that allows your business to significantly increase the efficiency of every parking space, while simultaneously raising the overall satisfaction level of your customers, helping your customers to park easier and faster.

The system is fully functional, easy to install, quickly and quite economically, either on rails or roof mounted, it has low maintenance and is updated continuously, providing further technological innovations & much more than that it is real time management.

The system features:

  • External Signage Signs, that inform the customer in real-time for the availability of parking spaces upon entering the parking area.
  • Guidance System, which inform the customer to which area there are available parking spaces, offering the customers convenience and saving them time.
  • Single Space Detection Sensors, the brightness and color is adjusted automatically by the integrated light sensor, this indicates to the client clearly the available position for them to park.
  • Status of Parking Position, the visibility of the sensors is noticeable from as up to 100m, this helps inform the client of the availability in the area they are in immediately.
  • Monitoring the parking area, the system allows you to monitor each parking space and have real time management for your customers to ensure convenience .

And the benefits do not stop here! Your customers also benefit the following:

  • Comfort, convenience, certainty
  • Smooth traffic flow, due to reduced volume within the station
  • The Possibility of booking a parking space

You ensure:

  • Increase your revenue
  • Modernization of your Parking’s image
  • Upgrading Quality Services
  • Reduction of pollution in the station and to the Environment

Some of application :-

  • Airports
  • Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Parking Garages
  • Shopping Centres/malls
  • Universities

The modern innovative solution that has come along through time and development and is offered to you by GSI, so go ahead to maximize the profit of each of your parking spaces!