Research & Development (R & D)

Global Service Incorporation Research and Development (R&D) ensures that we can provide customers with developed low risk system solutions meeting their present and future needs using the best technologies.

The R&D projects address the knowledge base and tools required for prime system integration, and selected products which provide discriminating capability needed to satisfy current and future customer requirements. This ensures that our customers can find cutting edge system solutions whose risk, solutions for existing problems and thus cost, is significantly reduced by GSIs internal investment.


Development of these capabilities in GSI ensures that the needs of customers world wide. GSI, with its worldwide links to other members of the GSI group , also exploits developments in other GSIs Divisions and other different companies, and transfers the technologies to the rest of the world.

Principal activities address:

  • Data and Information Fusion.
  • Intelligent Sensing.
  • Urban Operations.
  • Integration of existing systems.
  • Integrated solutions for problems.
  • Simulation and Modelling.
  • Supporting Technologies.
  • Semi-automatic and automatic machinery in various fields
  • Characterization of the performance on the production lines
  • Co-engineering activities with the main market operators
  • Engineering analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics , Computer Aided Analysis , Finite Element Analysis etc )
  • Allow pervasive measurement and control of energy at the point of use
  • Design flexible energy management platforms based on open standards and a modular architecture to combine efficiency and flexibility
  • Provide scalable energy efficiency solutions, preconfigured for each business, quick to deploy, and intuitive for users
  • Manufacturing & material
  • Infrastructure systems

Our R&D activities result in many patent registrations of innovative solutions

GSI R&D follows general definition of engineering: Engineering is the application of mathematics and sciences, and practical knowledge in order to invent, innovate, design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures, machines, tools, systems, components, materials, and processes.

Each of our solution tends to combine:

  • best technical efficiency towards your specifications and environmental regulations
  • simple implementation in terms of manufacturing, packaging-transportation, assembly and maintenance
  • cost-reduction and cost-control benefits