Preventative Maintenance for Industrial Robots

Every robot needs preventative maintenance ensure top-level performance and consistency on the production line. When robots do not have regular preventative maintenance checks performed, it can cause parts and components to break down or malfunction, which can cause a slowdown or shutdown of your production. Robots that are properly maintained can last for many years, even decades, before needing to be replaced. By keeping a regular preventative maintenance schedule, you are extending the life of your robot exponentially.

Each different robot has different amounts of time between preventative maintenance.

No matter what length of time your manual recommends, by scheduling maintenance in this way, you are able to prevent costly downtime that is unplanned due to mechanic issues. While planned maintenance may shut down production for a short time, it is nothing compared to the production time you may lose if your robot stops working.

So, what takes place during routine preventative maintenance checkups? Here are some of we can do :-

  • Checking up the controller memory
  • Monitor robot in regular motion, inspecting robot, harness and cables
  • Inspection of brake operation
  • Check robot repeatability
  • Listen for excessive audible vibration and noise
  • Maintaining joints, according to specific robot
  • Visual inspection of teach pendant and controller cables
  • Check cable connections, cooling fans, power supplies, safety equipment, and other equipment for functionality
  • Test and replace RAM and APC batteries, if required

When to Implement Preventive Maintenance Plans

These are the top reasons for implementing a preventive maintenance program.  If your company has or is experiencing any of these then it may be time to start your own robotic maintenance program.

  • Increased automation
  • Production delays resulting in lost business
  • Decreased insurance inventories
  • Need for high quality products
  • Excessive consumption of energy
  • Disorganized working environment
  • Slow manufacturing time

If any further action is required and the robot needs repairs, the technician should report the issues so arrangement can be made to make the needed repairs.

Advantages of Robotic Maintenance

  • Most robots breakdown as a result of wear and tear, but preventive maintenance prevents this from happening for several years.

With the prevention of breakdowns