For different works in Pipelines NO DIG

The sewer robot is used to remove defects in the pipe network, for example when removing replanted connections, milling off concrete risers, hardened sediments or ingrown roots, sealing tears and cracks and filling caved-out shards in the pipeline. After installing the lining, the sewer robot is used to clear the blocked sewer connections. The sewer robot uses a number of specialized heads for milling off protruding parts of the pipe and filling in damaged parts of the piping. Not only but you can do infrastructure planning .

Our company provides a range of robots to choose from to remove specific defects and do rehabilitations Not only but do re-plan your infrastructure.

The Robots vary from :-

  • A cutting edge hydraulic robot
  • A pneumatic robot
  • A pneumatic robot for rehabilitation of pipelines of DN 80 to 150.
  • A motorized robot

for work in profiles of different diameter

As well as the wide variety of tools can be changed for the robots

and complete set fitted into the van.